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Helpful Moving Resources

Helpful Moving Links:

Vehicle Registration - Change your vehicle registration
Road Fan - Review your State Drivers Manual
United State Postal Services - Change your address online
Federal Elections Commission - Apply for your new voters registration
Internal Revenue Service - Notify the IRS you are moving
Internal Revenue Service - Moving Tax Laws - Review your moving tax laws
State Local Government - Find official state, county and city government websites
Goodwill - Donate your belongings to Goodwill
Official Sites - Research helpful State information
Weather Channel - View your local weather information - Get a map of your new neighborhood
Neighborhood Find - Find general city information before you move
City Search - Find general city information before you move
School Search - Research your local schools
School Report - Research your local schools
National Center For Education Statistics - Research your local schools
Carrier Builder - Search for a new job
Universal Currency Converter - Convert your new currency
Credit Union - Find a Credit Union near you
Expedia – Find a flight and Rental Car
Hotels – Find and book hotel rooms